Why i prefer film over the digital.


A nice point of view

Originally posted on Muşescu Paul:

Hi, my name is Paul and im 16. I shoot only film now. When i started photography i bought an D7100, i used this camera for..4 months, after that, i just swich to film. This is why:

1. The look.

You can’t deny it. The look of film is amazing.. Yeah, let’s say digital is better for low light performance but the portraits, and landscapes, street photography or..all kind of photography, except for one made in low light, film is the best for me. The film is..unique for his colors and his latitude

2. The contact with the subject

You will never have to check your back of the camera(screen). It is like an telephone in my opinion.. Now you go outside with somebody and he/she usualy text to his/her friends/boyfriend/girlfriend. Also, this means uncertainty and you can really talk with the subject, with people, you can ever be happier because you meet…

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