Ophelia’s flowers under the ivy

In Twickenham the other day, I saw these flowers in the water. They reminded me of Sir John Everett Millais’s painting Ophelia.


Now, as I look at it, I hear the words to “Under the Ivy” …to go into the garden, go under the ivy, under the leaves…




Alternative process – power station clouds

This is a photograph of a print.

The print was printed by an inkjet printer but on traditional silver fibre based paper. I’m calling this an inkjet silver print. As such, the image has contined to evolve as it has been exposed to more light, with the whites darkening to grays, with a decided yellow tint. As the paper is coated, the ink did not get absorbed onto the paper, but formed small bubbles which subsequently dried. The result is distinctly low fi, with low resolution of detail. The edges where the ink volume tranistioned from low to high (as at the edges of the clouds) show a curious fractal effect when viewed closely.

Power station cloud-1